Albania: Compliance Monitoring and Transparency Project (P153167)

The grant supports the first strategic objective for Albania which is accelerating the recovery in Albania’s economic growth through improved competitiveness by strengthening macroeconomic and public expenditure management, improving business regulations and reducing compliance costs, supporting local banks and competitive local companies, and improving key infrastructure services and their financial sustainability. The grant includes a range of interventions to strengthen GoA institutional capacity for improving the public procurement performance, enhancing the transparency in handling procurement complains and in increasing the capacity of the The State Supreme Audit Institution on procurement auditing.PROJECT DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVESThe proposed Project Development Objective is to support the Government of Albania to enhance monitoring compliance with the procurement law, improve the complaint review mechanism and increase the capacity of the State Supreme Audit Institution to audit the procurement of public contracts in Albania.PROJECT BENEFICIARIES The project beneficiaries are the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) and the State Supreme Audit Institution (SSAI) of Albania.PDO Level Results IndicatorsThe PDO Level Results Indicators are as follows:- The Establishment of a public procurement performance and compliance of monitoring system and methodology.  Training will be provided to five PPA staff;- An Improvement of the regulations regarding the electronic archiving of procurement procedures which includes the improvement of the complaints database; and- Enhanced capacity and quality of audit by the State Supreme Audit Institution.  Training will be provided to ten SSAI staff.PROJECT COMPONENTSComponent 1: Procurement Performance and Compliance MonitoringThis assistance will help the Public Procurement Agency establish performance indicators of procurement, procurement staff and procuring entities, as well as improve the e-procurement platform for digitally collecting and analyzing the data in order to monitor the compliance with the public procurement law and measure the performance of procurement.The Public Procurement Agency hosts the e-procurement (e-GP) platform which is a web-based application supporting the automation of tendering activities of the various Government of Albania line Ministries and Contracting Authorities. However, there is no systematic monitoring and performance measurement system of public procurement in the country.The Government and PPA will have a clear view on the compliance of the procuring entities with regards to the implementation of the public procurement law and the performance of procurement.Component 2:  Assistance to PPA in handling electronic archived procedures and audited/investigated procurement procedures from external institutionsThis assistance will help the Public Procurement Agency develop clear procedures and regulations for handling the electronically archived procurement procedures and provide confidential access to external institutions other than the ones described in the PP Law for review and investigation of ongoing or archived procurement procedures.PPA will have a clear view how/when to handle the electronically archived procedures and the external institutions will have will have confidential access to the system without interrupting process.Component/Output 3:   Assistance to the State Supreme Audit Institutional developing professional expertise in procurement audit in order to enhance the capacity and the quality of auditsThis assistance will support the State Supreme Audit Institutional developing professional expertise for conducting audit of procurement of public and donor financed contracts in Albania. International consultant will work with the staff of the SSAI to develop relevant audit manuals and conduct pilot audits of the public and donor financed procurement. In addition, the international consultant will organize special training courses for the staff of the SSAI on audit of Public Procurement and conduct pilot post review contracts as part of the audit of donor financed projects.Improved quality of procurement audits and the audit reports. Procurement audit teams skilled and able to undertake quality audits in line with internationally recognized public sector Auditing Standards.